9 lives

So, a few close calls over the years. The first near miss was when I was on holiday at Hopton. My brother and I decided to go to the beach. The easy option would be to walk down the wooden steps that went down the cliff face. We (not sure how much choice I had in the matter) decided to climb down the cliffs instead. Being the youngest, it was muggings here that went first. I climbed down about a foot and then got stuck. I couldn’t go up or down, I was scared. My brother ran to get help while I hung on for dear life. After what seemed like a lifetime help came and I was pulled back up. It was probably where I got my fear of heights from.

Fast forward a few years and I discovered motorbikes. No I was very naughty when I bought my first 125cc bike. I went to revets in Ipswich and put a deposit down. I went back home to wait for my dad to sign the finance paperwork because I was only 17. There is no way my mum would have signed it for me. I’d had the bike a while and went out one night with a friend. We were on a road the had just been resurfaced with that awful grit stuff. The temporary speed limit was 20mph, we were doing around 60mph. Now, I wasn’t exactly paying attention as to where I was going and suddenly I was closing on on a sharp corner. I had what I though were two choices. One, try and lean the bike right over and make the corner, however because of the grit the bike would have slipped from underneath me and two, try to aim for the dirt track that was just to the left of me. I didn’t quite manage either. I just went straight, jumped over a ditch and through a hedge. I came off of the bike and was sliding through someone’s garden towards their concrete door step. Luckily I stopped when my head was about a foot away from it.

One last incident I will share for now happened when I picked my son up from Kent. I had been driving all day at work and drove straight down to Kent when I left off. It was winter time and pouring with rain. I picked him up no problem. On the way back the rain was getting heavier. I was on the A12. I must have fallen asleep for a brief moment, because when I looked up the traffic in front had stopped. There was nothing I could do. I virtually stood up on the brake pedal, but it was to late. Bang straight into the back of the car in front. I wrote both cars off and closed the A12 for about an hour.