Free lunch

Sooo, this happened purely by mistake. It was about 25 years ago (being able to say that makes me feel old). My lifelong friend Mason and I were shopping in Ipswich. We decided to go for lunch in what used to be the restaurant in littlewoods in the building formally know as Tower ramparts.

The system was quite simple. You collected a tray and were served the meal of your choice at a counter. You then moved along to collect any pudding and drinks you wanted. You then moved along. To collect cutlery and any required condiments. All quite straightforward really. The next stage was to take you loaded tray to the till pay, find a table and eat.

Now Mason and myself became separated during the process and didn’t know what there other one had done. We reunited at a table and ate our lunch.

It was when we left we realised what we had, or rather had not done…..

Mason said “thanks for that, I’ll pay next time” to which i replied “what do you mean, I thought you had paid?”

Im not sure it was purely down to us not paying for our food, but shortly after the shop and restaurant closed down.