I just don’t get it. We are all exactly the same. The colour of skin is irrelevant.



The bodies natural state of hypnosis. Its the time when we repair and re-energise.

We are creatures of habit and normally go sleep and wake up around the same time everyday. Only recently I’ve been waking up loads during the night and been very tired during the day.

I can fall asleep almost anywhere, I’ve even fallen asleep while driving. It didn’t end to well as you’ll know if you’ve read an earlier blog.

I fall asleep at my friends houses, I’ve fallen asleep in the park. I’ve fallen asleep with my head on a dining room table and I’ve even fallen asleep on the stairs (I was drunk that time).

My worst sleeping place was in a ditch in the river walk in Hadleigh!! I may have been a little tipsy. For months I had been crazing my friends to take me out on their speedboat and they did when I was hungover and just crawled out of the ditch. I get sea sick and the boat broke down. Not good!!

You never actually remember falling asleep though, but when you are out for the count you always dream and can sometimes remember them upon waking. Strange.

I’m off for a nap.