Lyrics I disagree with

The first cut is the deepest. Nope, it gets worse as you get older.

Red red wine goes straight to my head. Not if you have eaten a good meal and drink it slowly.

The man in the mirror. Not actually in the mirror is he? On reflection, maybe he is?

On this day I see clearly ( metalingus by alter bridge). Nope, I still need my glasses.

Anything Nickleback have ever done. Wrong, just wrong.

The drugs don’t work……

Our house in the middle of our street. Um, I live in a flat.

She hates me (puddle of mud). Now here’s on I can relate to.


Ghost hunting

So, Bec (best friend and adopted sister) and I love a spot of the old ghost hunting. Now, this is a sport best tackled in the autumn/ winter time simply because it gets dark earlier. It needs to be dark to add to the ambiance.

Our favourite local haunt (I’m hilarious, no really I am) is the site of the former rectory at Borley. The church and church yard opposite is also said to be haunted and this is where we normally walk around. The following is taken from Wikipedia.

Borley Rectory was a house that gained infamy as “the most haunted house in England” after being described as such by psychic researcherHarry Price.[1] Built in 1862 to house the rector of the parish of Borley and his family, it was badly damaged by fire in 1939 and demolished in 1944.

We have been over to the site and the church yard on several occasions, although I have felt a “tingling” when walking around, we haven’t actually seen any thing.

I did however hear something at this site in my youth. There were four of us in my car. I was with my friends Shaun, Sophie and Ross. We parked nearby and got out. We walked around the graveyard of the church. It was around October time, pitch black and cold, but perfectly still. We all went to the back of the churchyard and we all heard the very distinct rattling of chains. I don’t think I have ever run as fast as I did that night, back to the car. I got in and started the engine, Ross was close behind me, Shaun tripped up and fell, Sophie was lagging behind (probably a footwear issue). I drove off at speed with the doors still open and poor Sophie was running behind. I did eventually stop for her.

Now the next place Bec and I like to visit is allegedly “the devils Church” at akenham. A local legend claims that the Devil lies in St Mary’s under a split gravestone, sinisterly quiet, waiting for anyone brave enough to test the theory that walking anti-clockwise around the church 13 times will wake him from his infernal slumber.

I have been there on my own in the daytime, and it is fairly creepy. We however visited around midnight. To get to the church is a bit of a mission itself. Its in the middle of fields only accessible via a dirt track. This particular night was again pitch black. As I drove along the dirt track (which gets narrower and narrower), we couldn’t see the church at all. We got to a point where we couldn’t go any further forward because the dirt track came to an end. I couldn’t see to reverse as the back windows of my car are tinted. To my left was what looked like an entrance to a field, well there was a gap in the hedge anyway. We couldn’t actually see if it was or not, but I thought f$%k it, we have no choice. I didn’t even know if there was a ditch between the gap in the hedge and the field, luckily there wasn’t. As I swung in and turned, my headlights lit up the church. It looks scary enough during the day (probably all in my head because of the rumours), at night it was even worse. We turned around and got out of the the car. We walked all the way around the graveyard, but not the recommended 13 times to wake lucifer up. No sign of anything untoward other than us 2 being where we probably shouldn’t have been. I did get a tingling though…..


Take me to church

I was hoping for a lay in. My brain had other ideas. I’d set my alarm for 8am, but I was wide awake at 4am. My mind has decided that I need to feel anxious just laying here in my bed. Thanks alot.

When awake I’m aware of exactly what thoughts enter my mind and bring on the burning wave of fear, but to be woken up by this invisible demon is something else.

On the positive side, the first thing I did was to take my medication, yesterday I forgot until late in the afternoon. I can’t write the whole day off just because of my waking thoughts and feelings.

I need to get out of this cycle of waking in fear, I need to wake feeling positive about myself. I need to do something today that will change my tomorrow.

Hopefully soon my energy will return. I haven’t been for my walk for a couple of weeks.

If it was open, today I would go to church, its peaceful there…….