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It was the summer of 1995 (not the summer of 69, no six string involved). Myself and my girlfriend (Donna) went to Gatwick Airport to pick my auntie up.

We checked the flight was on time via teletext before leaving our flat in Felixstowe. I think it was due to land around midnight. We got to the airport early, parked (it was alot cheaper then) and went in to have a coffee and wait for her.

We checked the arrivals board and saw the flight was delayed by a couple of hours. Considering the time, the arrivals lounge was very busy and there was not anywhere with two seats together. There was however a bank of four seats with one free and a man laying across the other three. I thought “I’ve got this, I’ll wake him up, not a problem.

There was however a problem, a very big problem. I sat on the free seat an tapped the man on the shoulder, no response. I said “excuse me” no response, so again but louder “EXCUSE ME”, still no response. I then gave him a little shake, no response. I moved along my seat slightly to try and move him with my butt, no response. I then felt Donna’s hand on my shoulder. As I looked up there were several armed police around us. The one I made eye contact with put his finger on his lips to tell me not to speak, and gestured for me to move. We were taken to a safe distance by one of the others.

It turns out the sleeping man was armed and dangerous. There I was trying to wake him up 😂. This could only happen to me.

Hopefully now you are getting a better picture as to why I called my site “nine lives!!”